Leadership Coaching

This is often the most overlooked but most critical parts of being a leader. Leaders have a sacred responsibility to help raise up more leaders and workers as they lead. It is truly what separates the leaders who can make something successful for a period and those who can lead something that will outlast them.

The Apostle Paul wove this into his ministry from the start, taking Timothy along with him to learn (Acts 16:1–3). Yes, your job as a leader is to cast vision, love people, and give direction, but it is also to replace yourself. The great part about learning this is that it also keeps you humble. It reminds you that God has gifted others to lead as well, and you get the great privilege to play a role in their development.

With almost 10 years of leadership development and coaching experience, Pastor Stephen has assisted over 38 churches in the area of leadership development through church planting, pastoring, executive leadership, and associational leadership. For more information on having a consultation please complete the form below.