Was Mark Driscoll Out of Line at the Strange Fire Conference?: A helpful article on the Mark Driscoll / Strange Fire Controversy

Stange Fire

For anyone following the Mark Driscoll / Strange Fire Controversy, the last few days have been interesting. The controversy began when Mark Driscoll, Preaching & Vision Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA, used social media as a way of announcing to folks that he was on his way to the Strange Fire Conference being held at Grace Community Church.

In brief, the tension stems from the difference in biblical and theological differences between Mark Driscoll and John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher of Grace Community Church, on the issue of continualism vs. cessationism. Mark Driscoll is a continualist and John McArthur is a cessationist.


Every press release that had been published had been one sided for the most part with no dialogue between the two camps. Here are a few initial press releases/articles that are examples of this:

Mark Driscoll Crashes John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference?

Mark Driscoll Crashes the “Strange Fire” Conference

John MacArthur vs. Mark Driscoll: Megachurch pastors clash over charismatic theology


Those who hesitated to jump to conclusions were wise. Just earlier today, there was an extremely helpful article that clears up everything from Driscoll’s motive to showing up at the conference to the dialogue between him and the Strange Fire staff. You can read the article here: Mark Driscoll Stokes John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference With Impromptu Book Signing.


You can read more about cessationism in John MacArthur’s newest book release, Strange Fire.


You can read more about continualism in Mark Driscoll’s newest book, scheduled to be released on November 1.




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